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. you're watching the station that works for you. now, abc 2 news at 11:00. he was behind a closed door. he heard what general petraeus said. now, hear what a maryland lawmaker thinks about the secrets the former cia director knew. and lasting into the november, will we see any warmup through the week sxend into this week. hard for older people to realize that they're having to give up their thing. and we're work for you tonight. help their parnlts downsize and make a few bucks. abc 2 news at 11:00 starts right now. brand new at 11:00 tonight we're hearing new information about the terrorist attack in libya from the man who got a firsthand account today. abc 2 news christian schaffer caught up with the congressman tonight after a very busy day on capitol hill and anything new on this. >> we did hear some new information. we see him in campaign
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commercials eating crabs and going to games but in washington congressman is the highest ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee trying to get to the bottom of what led to the deaths of four americans in libya. >> david petraeus, the former head of the cia told the house and intelligence committees what he knew. libya congressman dutch sits on the house committee which oversee the cia along with the nsa and fbi. >> people don't realize, there were two different attacks. >> two attacks, the first at the u.s. consulate then at a cia an exsome four file ace way. the question republicans have been asking why didn't the president come out and it a terrorist attack right away. >> now clearly believe did not arise out of demonstration, were not spontaneous and clear terrorist involvement. >> it was david petraeus who initially indicated the attack grew out of a protest then changed the story when he got
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more information. >> we need to deal what happened in benghazi. if somebody made a mistake, they need to be held accountable. that's important. but we have to move on. >> four americans including ambassador christopher stevens died in the attacks. the congressman said the hearings indicate to him that number could have been much higher. >> the state department called our intelligence committee and said we need help. they had about seven people who actually came to help them, and they were able to get the people out of the -- the area where the first attack occurred at the consulate to get him to the an exand eventually get them to safety. >> by now everyone has heard why david petraeus stepped down as head of cia. it would not have been proper for the fbi to inform the president about his affair with his biographer before they did. he also said petraeus did not change his account of what happened in bemghazi, whether it was a terrorist attack based on the presidential election, which, of course, just sglapd are people kind of buying that?
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was everybody in congress or on that committee kind of buying what he's say sdmrg we're only hearing what the people who were behind the toors are saying. from what we're hearing and people are reacting to it, the people who saw it a certain way going in, republicans came out feeling the same way. it didn't feel like it changed a lot of minds down there. >> thanks a lot, christian schaffer. tonight the end of november, time to throw another blanket on the bed. chief meteorologist here to tell you how cold it's going to get overnight. i guess you might need one blanket, two blankets, what. >> the more the merrier. long johns maybe keeping your feet warm. i will say this temperatures may be chilly tonight because we're under a crystal clear sky and as a result reports down to 30. 39 in edgewood and 39 in bel air. in afternoon a day we did top out in the 50s. we can see a crystal clear sky
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unlike last night we had a thin vail of cloud cover. tonight we will see temperatures falling off pretty dramatically down through the 30 t at daybreak tomorrow then the sun going to warm things up pretty rapidly. we'll be in the 50s by late tomorrow afternoon. much more on how things may change into the travel time frame toward thanksgiving is coming up. tonight broad neck high school is down a teacher and a girls' basketball coach. that's because aaron thorn has been reassigned. the board of education reassigned her during an investigation. we don't know what they're look intoog right now but the letter went home to students that said the decision is to protect quote student safety. one parent we spoke to said this doesn't change how she feels about sending her children to broad neck high. >> we specifically picked this area because of the schools. broad neck has a great reputation. when my son was looking at colleges on the west coast, was very surprised most of the colleges already knew broad neck
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so it has a great reputation. >> now, thorn started at broad neck back in 2009. before that she taught at north country high school. the board of education will not say where she was reassigned. and parents concerned about their child's privacy are balking at a plan by carol county schools. the district wants to expand its use of palm scanners. children use them to pay for food. the machine recognizes their hand print as belonging to a particular account and draws the money for the food. only a few schools are using this technology. the school board wants to expand that number. the district allows parents to opt their child out of the program and so far less than 15% of parents have done so. well, it may be the toughest warmup for the west minister owls. some members of the football team attend add classmate's vug before playing in the championship game. cheryl joins us now with how the team held up. >> michael berry would have been in the stands chering on the
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west minister owls. some of the team went from his vug to the football field, a tough tron sags but one they managed to be set on for a win. >> on the first play, the west minister owls get on the board with a touchdown pass. the team went into the regional championship game undefeated, and tonight there's another reason to keep their record. >> he was here every game. he was here last week, and we remember him. he use today cheer on every game. >> shannon wrote baseball games and seeing your smile on her shirt. that's how she remembers 17-year-old michael berry who died when he was the passenger in a car that crossed the center line and hit another car on tuesday night. mechanic berry died at the scene. police do not think drugs or alcohol played a role. >> spoent every day with him at lunch. >> friends and classmates went to the viewing and then to the
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football game. a roller coaster of emotions for no. 22. he spent time tackling a great loss before the game. >> dan told me before the game that michael would want them to go on with the game and win the state championship. >> rest easy mike t-shirts were in the stands, a gorgeous shot of the moon hung above west minister high and players with more than football on their minds all led up to a 62 to 28 win. mcberry was a tennis player but friends think he had some influence on the football team during a championship game. >> we wanted to be here for them because he knows he's here watching us. we're going to win states for him. >> and the owls are one game closer tonight. they will play in the state semifinals next friday and push toward their first state championship. so the team now goes from a victory to michael mcberry's funeral tomorrow morning. cheryl o connor, abc 2 news. new tonight it is all clear
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at vwi airport. late this afternoon there was a scare in concourse d. passengers were evacuated when a suspicious item was found in a non-public part of the airport. the item was eventually scompleerd tonight the airport is back to business as usual. and i-95 is moving again tonight. the crash we told you about at 6:00 has been cleaned up. it happened just before 6:00. state police say a passenger car and a penske truck crashed. one of the truck's diesel tanks ruptured which required a hazmat crew to remove it. no one was injured. and an update now to a story we brought to you as breaking news last night. the woman who was hit crossing route 2 in brooklyn park has died. 57-year-old was hit by a pickup truck. it was dark and she wasn't using the crosswalk so police say it was likely pedestrian error, however, investigators are looking into whether or not tinted windows affected the driver's vision. two others were seriously hurt. it happened just before dawn when jim rice heard the crash
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outside of his house on philadelphia fill road. he says he grabbed the flashlight, ran outside, saw what was there and called 911. he said when he saw the cars, he was surprised that anyone survived. >> the gentleman who was the passenger in the backseat of the car had been thrown so hard he was in the backseat of the car. >> 26-year-old was that passenger. he died at franklin square. the two drivers were taken to shock trauma. and if you're planning a weekend trip to the city you'll have a little more flexibility on the roads. that's because manager street is back open ago. the road was closed for most of the week because of a large water may not break. meantime crews are still working to open north charles street after a water main break there. the public works department says they are making progress but there's still a lot of work to do out there. and the state of maryland is celebrating a brand new program aimed at fighting domestic violence. it was unveiled today at gbmc.
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the hospital is getting more than $27,000 from the state to create more service for victims. the program is aimed at early detection catching people in the first stages of domestic violence and giving them the physical and emotional support they need to break the cycle. similar programs are already active at medical center, emergency and sinai hospital. well, are your parents still living in their home but kind of getting on in the years. well, if so they're probably going to have to move out at some point and it could be one of the most difficult moves of their lives. tonight he has suggestions for helping ease your parents through this and through that transition. >> it's a fact of life facing many baby boomers, even gen xors. mom and dad are getting too old to continue to live on their own. if someone in your family is facing this we have some great suggestions for helping to downsize your parents.
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>> seven to help now ten. >> this is no ordinary auction. it's the farewell to a lifetime of accumulated furniture, ceramics, and board games, 50 years of memories it's the newest trend for families trying to help parents downsize. >> too overwhelming for me. >> idaho is one of many baby boomers who feel helpless when it's time to move mom or dad to a senior community. >> you look at all the things and say all the pots and pans, you look at the clothes in the cup board. you look aefrt pan. you say i can't handle this. >> give me about $20. >> so she turned to maggie. it's money well spent for overwhelmed adult children and parents who don't want to let go. >> children may live out of town so they want to trust someone to be able to do it here. >> maggie's company along with franchises like caring transition are part of a new
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industry called senior move management. >> toys do well. >> toys do well. >> uh-huh. >> maggie sorts sells and donates what won't sale for a total cost of 500 to a thousand dollars. it's money well spent for overwhelmed children and parents who don't want to let go. >> it's hard for older people to realize that they're having to give up their things. i always tell them you still have your memories, no one will take that away from you, and the really neat thing is you're going to live in all these other homes. >> that's what sold ida. >> you have to do it. what are you going to do with this? you can't move it and if somebody can use it well that's good. >> maggie admits many seniors are reluctant but with the right words they eventually let go sgli did an 87-year-old woman and i told her he's so thrilled with your china closet and she got all excited because that was happy thing. >> the ultimate goal taking the pain out of life's biggest transition. >> downsizing has to be a happy thing. you have to know i think that it's going to go and be somebody
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else's treasure. >> convincing mom or dad it's time to move is never easy, but with the right approach and a plan for dealing with their furniture and years of accumulation and memories, it doesn't have to be so hard that we don't waste your money. i'm john. coming up reusable grocery bags are good for the environment but are they good for your health? . we'll tell you what that thing is if we ever can show it to you. how it ended up in one woman's bag and what could be in your bag, as well. all right. stargazers you're going to like it out there tonight. we'll talk about what you may see in the skies over maryland coming up. plus we'll tell you what was going on here. abc 2 news at 11:00 is back in just 60 seconds
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. look at this. police are looking for a man seen in this video right here in a cape and a helmet jumping his dirt bike over a landmark right in front of the county circuit court building in downtown bel air. the video was posted on you tube titled evil kanevil lives in bel air. one man who recorded the trick says he's convinced who this really was. >> he's evil kanevil, my childhood he row. it's got to be him. i mean, everybody said this is to alife, why can't this be evil kanevil. >> oh, he's in so much trouble. if police find him the driver could face several charges. well, for many of us the holiday season is all about visiting family even if that means getting off work and driving 12 hours to go see grandma. that probably isn't the best idea. this week is drowsy driving prevention week. one of the most dangerous examples of distracted driving. before you get behind the wheel
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you need to make sure you are rest and had on long trips take regular breaks. we put out a section on drowsy driving on our web site on abc . don't panic the twinkies could make a comeback. the company is looking to sell the rights to some of its brands like fruit pies, twinkies and many, many others. even if they do go away there are always recipes to make your own. well, many of us use those reusable grocery bags to cart around groceries but as abc 2 news's megan pringle tells us tonight you may be carrying something else around and it's going to be really gross. >> pat is a growing number of americans doing away with plastic and going the recycling route. >> i just leave them in the car. >> a bag that's used repeatedly filled with everything that dairy products to raw meat so you might be wondering what
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about germs? well, three shoppers helped test for bacteria on the bags. >> have you ever thought about how dirty that bag may be? . >> not usually. i just wad them back up and throw them in my trunk every time i'm done using them. >> microbiology students wiped the inside of the cloth shopping bags. the sterile swabs then spent three days in an inku bay tore i louing the bacteria or fungus to grow. >> it looks like it's starting to form. >> the lab students reviewed each plate. >> that is a huge fungus. >> and the shoppers reacted after they heard the results. >> biology class again. kind of gross. >> pat's bag had the same result. bacteria and yeast. >> i'll start washing them, i guess. >> along with bacteria and yeast, anne's bag also had fungus. >> gross. god, that's not good. >> but professor robert says the bacteria, yooeshgs and fungus found in those reusable bags is nothing to be too alarmed about.
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>> we were pretty surprised. we expected to find generally more organisms on the bag and it suggested it's really not a very hospitable environment for them to grow and so i would think that people would be perfectly confident in reusing these bags. >> still our shoppers say they're going to change some of their habit sdmrs i make sure that food doesn't touch the bag, like, actual food, but, i mean, if it's in a can or a box, not a big deal. >> i think for sure i'll start putting the meat in a plastic bag before i put them in there. >> experts say to think of your reusable bags like dirty clothes. when you do your laundry, throw the bag in as well because studies show this decreases any possible contamination by 99%. megan pringle, abc 2 news. and, now, maryland's most accurate forecast. all righty. crystal clear night out there. maryland's most powerful radar all clear. that's to be expected on a night like this, but you know what else is clear? skies above.
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absolutely crystal clear, and that's going to make for some great star gazing tonight. what was it the star trek, row see? i'm giving it all she's got, captain. remember that. >> oh, yeah. got to love star trek. >> yes. well, we have our own version across maryland. predawn hours saturday and sunday morning probably the most intense meteor action will be early in the morning. you want to go to a dark area to get the best observations, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 in the morning just before sunup several meteors per hour we're talking about here. more information at if you're into that kind of thing. hey, the other fireworks this weekend we know where they're going to be sunday night in pittsburgh. 40 degrees at kick off, cool with a few clouds so weather will not be a big factor in this particular game. now, three weeks from now who knows if the home game here three weeks but the first game weather just
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cool and clear. 41 tonight cool and clear, winds north at 5 and through the day it was a nice finish to the day. we had clouds early this morning clearing out and in parkfield today it was all sunshine to finish it autohere at parkfield middle. looking to see if we can see any meteors right as the sun goes down. none yet. but, again, talking predawn hours for the best viewing. carol county would be a great place to look at the sky tonight, as well. you do see the moon coming up there, very limited moorngs which is also helpful to see those meteors. anyway, sky shot, beautiful tree there, still some fall foliage out and about. that is going to become more and more limited. cold night tonight. frost in parts of the state north and west of baltimore certainly. a clear sky will mean a colder start tomorrow. we don't have that thin layer of clouds insulating us like we had last night. tonight we're down low 30s, be a tough climb back to above 50 degrees tomorrow but it's going to be a nice bright sunny day right from the get go.
11:21 pm
coastal system off the carolinas, expecting that to stay out and us to stay clear. right now we're crystal clear up and down the east coast. all importants are to west under a big high pressure cell, dry conditions continuing here, and even as we work into sunday and even monday we expect this coastal to sit here and churn right off the carolina. most projections bring it offshore toward the travel days next weeshgs tuesday and wednesday. we'll throw in a stray shoir tuesday night. it's not out of the question but i think most of that action is going to be offshore. overnight 32 mostly clear. good for star gazing tomorrow. tomorrow 53 mostly sunny and tomorrow 34 under a clear sky so once again decent weather for the stargazers. all right. take a look into monday, temperatures climbing slowly but not tremendously and then as we go into the end of the week here our travel days, wednesday critical, biggest travel day of the year. upper 50s just a little breezy for turkey day. turkey tom is liking it. you know what else turkey tom likes?
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that's right. he loves the app, my friend. the abc 2 weather app available in the i tunes store. look at this 33 degrees in west minister. you can put your local town right in here, the weather app. all right. thanks. well, tonight white morse kicked off the holiday season with a tree lighting down at the avenue. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, light the tree. >> jamie is so good at that. with the switch to turn on the lights. hundreds of folks were there on hand to enjoy all the fun including the big guy. well, coming up after the break, a husband who didn't understand the value of a pair of his wife's shoes, and it cost him. but first here's bill with a look at what's up after abc 2 news at 11:00. roosevelt coming up on night line. we'll meet the man who claims he has photographic proof of our rapidly warming planet as the mounting toll of sandy stirs up
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the climbing change in a whole new way plus with jerusalem under siege reports from a middle east on the brink tonight. that's coming up on night line right after abc 2 news at 11:00 hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta.
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. well, we all have clothes that we don't want anymore, stuff that doesn't fit or is just from, well 1970. we donate that stuff to the needy. that was just what one texas man did after the man brought in a bag of used clothes and stews. a large wad of cash stuffed in one of his shoes. they set aside the money to see if anyone would claim it. sure enough the woman came in and described what had been lost.
11:27 pm
the money had been the couple's entire life savings. wow. >> we have policies here at goodwill. we want to make sure we're doing the right thing. >> one word, bank. so ladies let that be a lesson to you. don't let the husband clean out the closets definitely. >> wow. >> wow. >> major jeopardy there. >> no kidding. but it's good to find honest people out. >> it was. lucky. all right. take a quick check the temperature, it's getting cold out there, my friend, definitely feeling like november, even early december. we have a report of 31, frost towards eastern, as well. into the day tomorrow a climb through the os after a brisk start and as we work into the second half to have weekend, both days should end up in the low to mid 50s so not a bad deal and, again, turkey --. >> turkey is cold. >> turkey tom, i think he's got one more little verbiage for us here, but he is happy about those upper 50s and clear weather wednesday and thursday. >> all right. we'll be back right after this [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
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. that's all for us tonight. you can always get the latest news online on news and weather and don't forget to join good morning maryland starting at 4:30 prieth and early on monday. when we're not here you go right there to the internet. we'll see you
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